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We make our ice creams and ice pops in-house – and most everything is made from scratch – from juicing the fruits and making our own purees – to the marshmallows, toffees, and cookies in the ice creams. Our ice pops are made from real fruits and unprocessed sugar – nothing artificial. We do not use “flavorings” in either our ice creams or our popsicles.
Our hope is that you like what we make so much that you’ll come back for more – and that you tell your friends about our wonderfully delicious flavors. Remember, good friends don’t let friends eat bad desserts!



We carry 16 curated ice cream flavors at a time, two of which are dairy-free. We divide our offerings between “comfort” ice creams, “hipster” ice creams, and “kid-friendly” ice creams.
Unless there is some sort of cookie, cake, or donut add-in to the flavor, most of our ice creams are also gluten-free. We make our ice creams with real fruits, nuts, other fresh ingredients. No artificial flavorings, ever.

For those who are more traditional, we always serve the classics listed below. When you arrive, just ask for them, as we keep them “in the back.”

Triple Chocolate
Salted Caramel
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We have between 12 and 20 different popsicle flavors available daily. Most of our popsicles are dairy-free and vegan friendly, nearly all are gluten-free, and none contain high fructose corn syrup, soy, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. We use minimal amounts of pure cane unprocessed sugar to sweeten the pops as needed.

We have made well over 100 different ice pop flavor combinations.

Here Are Some of Our Most Popular Flavors:

Pineapple Basil
Strawberry Rhubarb
Vietnamese Coffee
Grapefruit Mojito
Creamy Cucumber Lime
Pineapple Mango Lime
Raspberry Lemonade
Salted Caramel
Root Beer Float
Tangerine Orange Strawberry
Passion Orange Guava
Watermelon Strawberry Jalapeno
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More Desserts

We also serve shaved ice, milkshakes, sundaes, Root Beer floats, ice cream pies (both small personal pies as well as party sized pies), baked goods, cookie sandwiches, and other frozen desserts!
Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
We are always creating fun, new flavor combinations. Flavors change frequently and are rotated in and out depending upon customer demand. Come in and try one of our fun flavors today!

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